Pete Kornmeier

Pete has traveled to over forty-five countries and led trips on six different continents.  Pete was featured as a leader in Alaska on MTV Made: Extreme Survivalists.  His favorite traveling experiences were volunteering for two months at the Tibetan Refugee Assistance Center in India and backpacking for fourteen days through remote areas of Wrangell St. Elias National Park in Alaska.  Pete's strongest attribute is his ability to pack enough snacks for a trip.  In his free time, Pete can be found playing basketball, reading, or rock climbing.    

Adrian Croke

Adrian believes strongly in the power of personal connection, meaningful travel, and service to one's community, both local and global. A resident of Jackson, WY, Adrian's biggest passion is immersing herself in the outdoors, whether that's by mountaineering in the Tetons or rafting the Snake. Adrian has traveled to over 30 different countries and has been in the outdoor adventure world for over a decade. She was a Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa for three and a half years and loves nothing more than sharing her passion for exploration and adventure with others.

Jason Weinberger

As the oldest of four kids, Jason is well versed in leadership and patience. He began taking this skill beyond the home and out into nature during summer programs where he took high school students rappelling, mountain biking and canoeing. He and Pete have led many trips together across the country, including Wrangell St. Elias national park, Katmai, The Everglades, White Sands and Glacier.  He has also led trips to Thailand.  Jason is proficient in monopoly, scrabble, and truth or dare. 

Hank Murphy

Hank grew up in Arizona and was lucky enough to escape to the mountains during his summers in high school.  Fueled by his powerful experiences during high school, he has spent several years leading groups of students on journeys of discovery, learning, and community service. Hank’s favorite places to travel are Argentina and Alaska.  He is excited to continue working to provide life-changing experiences for students.  In his free time, Hank enjoys traveling the world, backpacking, checking out new music festivals, and performing beard maintenance.